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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

........my family .. grandaughter's

Once upon a times iam with Pak Teh, when my parent left me with him & Auntie nana.
Looking yerr.. (^_^) ~raya 2011~

Pak Teh why u playing with my toys? i need it. i know la how to playing with it

arhh... everything u take away from me !

Pak Teh what it's?  

happy time. (^_^)
good evening..  iam shy

my pose with atuk motocycle. this time iam still "chubby"

after bathe, iam 2+years old

iam playing byself. 

Born  January 2010
Hospital  Kluang, Johor
 Hopefully when u grow up, become a teeneger, an  adult,  and u will be a great person & solehah.
Take care of ur family & sibiling.
InsyaAllah a right path always be ur side.
That all...

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