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Thursday, May 19, 2011

mama's day

Everytime u tell me Dont touch, it's hot"
My brain indigantly retorts " haiyo, where got?
Lucky for me u resisted the temptation though
To say the dreaded words "see, I told u so "

For the times u said my room could hide an elephant
To clean up my room, that part i never quit learned
My towels, my shoes, my bags and even my fern
You cared for them and fought the urge to burn

When u always tell me that one plus one is two
But yet i kept on thinking i'm smarter than u
to mama, sory for the heartaches i've caused u
for the iron burns from the shirts i passed to you

you fed me well and tended my battle scars
Or gave me a lift when i just totaled my car
kept it a secret from Abah when i'm home late
Gave me a stern look for the flowery words i just said

This Mother's Day, the kids are buying their moms bouquets of roses
But dont worry mama, i'm not the same as those boring losers
i'll clean my room, dust the floor and even get u a brand new mop
Because i've used up my allowance to buy "call of duty"Black Ops"

copy from magazine : myc! Watsup In May 2011.

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