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Sunday, March 20, 2011

for someone i love Yutaka Mushimura

until when
this only loving
will be part of ending

until when 
i had to be here
waiting for endless of caring
i awe one day
when someone hate me

i will keep crying 
alone, forever alone

until forever my loving

just only for you
not stop here my only caring
cause i love u so much
my past promises not for bluffing story

and i didnt unfaithful to you
be patient my love
be patient
patient waiting for me
i will promise
will waiting your loving
until rising

My loving to only  you
Only might god will all know
And my heart always say it
Only you only  my lover

Dont make me runing away from me
Dont want to crying cause of you
Long time my heart was been suffer
Many time crying  until here

Until when 
This only loving
Will be part ending
Until when 
I had to be here
Waiting for endless of caring
I awe on day
When someone hate me

I will keep crying
Alone forever alone.

1 comment:

  1. alop...entry nih gua dah balas...hahhaks:)

    tq ek..tq so much...:)